The Best Face Mask for Air Travel in 2021

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that there are no borders to this world we share. For the first time since the pandemic started, we are seeing a sense of normalcy slowly but surely return to our lives as the world starts to regain control over the virus. With a vaccine in the arm and a passport in hand, we are so ready to fly away to a much-deserved vacation in an exciting travel destination far away from the four walls that held us in for most of 2020. But with the many risks and challenges of the passenger cabin, what do we need to do to protect ourselves in-flight? Read on to find out.


Sifting through loads of travel advice from well-meaning friends and family members can get confusing, but following the recommended safe practices makes things easier. Masks worn over your nose and mouth are required on all forms of public transportation including airplanes as per the CDC’s guidelines. Contrary to other types of public transportation that take up less of your time, the lengthy duration of air travel may prompt you to contemplate what type of mask would offer you the least amount of hassle and the highest comfort level throughout your entire journey. We have some pointers and advice for you to consider when selecting the best face mask for air travel.

What are the dangers that make picking the right air travel face mask so important?

While you probably spent 2020 in a confined space by yourself or with members of your household, sharing a passenger cabin with strangers is a completely different ball game. The combination of other people who may not be wearing their masks properly or consistently, some of whom may be positive for COVID-19, combined with the inability to open a window for air ventilation, and being totally dependent on the air quality generated by the aircraft, all pose real risks for catching COVID-19 or any of its variants. Air quality inside the aircraft is also tricky. The air quality is a cocktail of 3 main components: the people factor on the plane – how crowded things are and whether there are any sick people on board, the filtered air going through the aircraft’s filtration system and the fresh outside air introduced into the cabin. Airlines boast the efficacy of their state-of-the-art HEPA filtration systems, but bear in mind these systems are not at full power before takeoff and after landing, and even at maximal capacity, the filtration system cannot provide complete turnaround and filtration of the entire air volume on the plane all the time. This means that ensuring your protection inside the aircraft regardless of the in-cabin conditions is your job. Your most important weapon of mass protection is a high-level protection mask.


The SonoMask Pro™ was developed with top-notch protection in mind, offering you 3 X 3 protection. The first line of protection in the SonoMask Pro™ comes from its extremely high filtration performance, offering an impressive 97% efficacy against 3-micron particles with the testing to back up these numbers. The second line of protection comes from the innovation behind the SonoMask Pro™. The Pro™ was made to deliver active protection on top of the passive filtration offered to some extent by all masks. The fabric in the SonoMask Pro™ is embedded with zinc. Zinc is known for its active antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. The zinc embedded in the SonoMask Pro™‘s fabric maintains its functionality and is proven to neutralize viruses including and bacteria with over 99% efficacy. The third line of protection of the SonoMask Pro™ is that it auto-cleans itself so that it does not get contaminated like standard disposable masks no matter how long your trip takes. And because the mask doesn’t become contaminated, you actually only need to wash it as needed if it becomes dirty or stained. With the SonoMask Pro™ you get high-protection and low-maintenance!


It’s all about breathing: how to pick out the best air travel face mask for you

Keeping your mask on continuously is especially important in the passenger cabin. To successfully achieve this task, your mask needs to have 3 attributes – it needs to give you a good, snug fit, it needs to be comfortable, and your mask also needs to be breathable. In other words, the mask you choose needs to be wearable and protective. The CDC recommends picking out cloth masks with multiple layers of tightly woven, yet breathable fabric. The mask should also provide good fit with no gaps or leaks and include a nose wire for customizable fit to your face. The SonoMask Pro™ offers 3 layers of protection: an inner and outer layer made from soft, breathable poly/cotton blend as well a middle layer of non-woven filter. The SonoMask Pro™ has an adjustable nose wire to improve the seal and prevent your glasses from fogging up so you can read or use your phone (on airplane mode) throughout your flight. It also comes with a fitted chin design and 4 sizes ranging from kids to adults’ XL so that everyone has access to Sonovia’s high protection mask.


Why do I need a high-protection air travel face mask if I’m vaccinated?

The FDA-EUA COVID-19 vaccines have dramatically turned things around for us in 2021, taking us from isolation to near-normalcy. However, no vaccine protects 100% of the people 100% of the time, so you still run a risk of catching COVID-19 despite being vaccinated. In addition, as the SARS-CoV-2 virus continues to mutate incessantly, new variants are constantly being identified. While the vaccines have been doing an impressive job protecting us from these variants thus far, there are concerns some variants will be different enough to lower or be completely resistant to the effectiveness of the current vaccine formulations. We have no way of knowing if such a variant already exists or not, nor do we know who is sharing the cabin space with us. Masks are the first line of protection we have inside the plane to keep us safe.



Coming out of 2020 into 2021 we’ve earned our right to a vacation abroad. The passenger cabin dishes out its share of COVID-19 related risks, and it is up to us to protect ourselves against these risks. With the right air travel mask like the SonoMask Pro™ which offers a combination of high filtration, innovative active protection and impressive breathability and comfort, we have everything we need to travel safe.