To mask or not to mask? 

5 reasons to keep masks on while traveling 

5 reasons to keep masks on while traveling 

Travel restrictions have eased; Indoor mask mandates are being lifted around the world. Eliminating mask requirements in airports and on aircrafts could be next. But should you forego the mask or keep on masking in airports and on airplanes when mandates are gone? We’ve given you 5 reasons to keep your mask on regardless of travel policies. Read on to find out why masking could protect your vacation from becoming a sick leave.

5 reasons to keep masks on while traveling 

With mandates being lifted in different settings, the “to mask or not to mask?” question is gaining traction and leaving people unsure how best to proceed. Our yearning to go back to pre-pandemic normality is at conflict with our need for security and our genuine concern for our well-being. While wanting to regain a sense of normalcy is understandable, here are some things to keep in mind before boarding your next flight:


1. More contagious variants: Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, variants have been getting more and more contagious and the incubation period from infection to symptoms has gotten shorter. This means that each infected person has the potential to infect more people than before.


This also means that if you are infected at the airport or on the plane, you could develop symptoms within a couple of days, during the course of your trip. Since being cooped up sick in your hotel room in a foreign country while you are supposed to be vacationing is the last thing you want to deal with, masking goes a long way in preventing this disaster.

So how do you substantially increase your safety level without getting stuck with an unbearable, stifling mask for hours on end during your trip? The SonoMask™ Pro is an Israeli-made, reusable, high protection mask based on innovative ultrasonic technology. The SonoMask™ Pro is made up of 3 layers of protection – an inner and outer layer made of soft, breathable fabric, and a middle filter layer that boosts filtration. It is this sophisticated triple layer construction that creates top-notch protection. In fact, the SonoMask™ Pro provides proven 97% filtration efficacy of 3-micron particles , which is better protection than you are getting from a disposable surgical mask in a reusable, breathable mask that you can comfortably use and reuse.


2. Full capacity in aircrafts: During the pandemic, airlines have been limiting the number of passengers on the plane to try and minimize in-flight infections. However, airlines are no longer restricting the number of passengers on flights, now working based on demand all the way up to full capacity. This eliminates the possibility of physical distancing inside the aircraft, increases the number of people on board, and raises the chances of a sick person sharing the passenger cabin with you.


With passenger volumes on the rise inside the passenger cabin, you’ll want a mask that fits well to keep you protected. The SonoMask™ Pro is all about customization. Choose from head straps or ear straps with adjustable sliders. Shape the adjustable nose wire to create a comfortable, airtight seal to prevent air leaks and your glasses from fogging up. An ergonomic chin guard will keep the mask in place. And the soft fabric against your skin will ensure you stay comfortable even on long-haul flights.

Full capacity in aircrafts

3. Airports: airports are high-traffic indoor settings accommodating people from around the world. This crowded environment has hotspots where people group together including restaurants and bars where people take their masks off to eat and drink as well as lots of high-touch surfaces like touch screens, vending machines, elevator buttons, escalator rails and bathroom door handles.


The huge volume of people from all across the globe, touching the same surfaces and breathing in the same air in a closed off space means high potential for catching COVID-19.  

The SonoMask™ Pro offers flexible fit and high filtration, but it doesn’t stop there. Using its patented ultrasonic technology, the fabric of the SonoMask™ Pro is treated with an antimicrobial agent. The antimicrobial agent becomes embedded in the fabric, yielding a durable fabric with performance that lasts for over 55 weekly washes.


The antimicrobial agent in the SonoMask™ Pro protects the mask from becoming a repository of microorganisms and also inhibits the growth of odor-causing microbes. This means that in addition to superior protection, the mask also remains clean, hygienic, and odor-free over time.


Because the SonoMask™ Pro stays clean, you only need to wash it as needed, or not at all, meaning you could complete your entire trip without having to wash it at all. How’s that for low maintenance in a high-performance mask?

How cough droplets flow through an airplane

(Qingyan Chen, Purdue University School of Mechanical Engineering)

4. Air quality in the passenger cabin: Many airlines now have advanced filtration systems reportedly capturing viruses at impressive levels. However, these filtration systems are not working at full power before takeoff and after landing, which means that by wheels up, you could have already caught whatever airborne virus was circulating in the passenger cabin.


Filtration systems also take a couple of minutes to filter the entire volume of air in the passenger cabin, meaning that the air inside the aircraft is always partially filtered and partially unfiltered at any given moment. A mask can help you substantially bridge that gap to up your safety level.


5. Other passengers: Everything comes down to people. Inside an aircraft, other people’s health and conduct directly affect your well-being. You have no knowledge of the health of the passengers sitting nearby, nor can you control whether they mask up properly or at all. Your protection is down to you. A high protection mask makes all the difference in whether you leave the passenger cabin unscathed or infected with COVID-19 or other airborne diseases.


With the SonoMask™ Pro’s range of 4 sizes and a separate kids’ collection, you know you can benefit from outstanding protection that fits everyone well.

With the pandemic appearing to take a hiatus, mask mandates are being relaxed. However, as always, ensuring your personal protection is up to you. High-risk environments such as airports and aircrafts pose a considerable threat for catching COVID-19 and other airborne viral diseases, quickly turning your dream vacation into a nightmare.


Selecting the right mask makes all the difference. With the SonoMask™ Pro you know you are getting a high-protection mask combined with superior fit and comfort. A mask that you can comfortably wear as long as needed to keep yourself safe and ensure your trip is one to remember for years to come.