Sonovia launches the SonoMask Pro Peppy Collection

Masks are a serious matter. We buy them to beef up our protection level against SARS-CoV-2 and other airborne viruses. But that doesn’t mean masks can’t be fun as well! Introducing Sonovia’s SonoMask™ Pro Peppy Collection . A range of printed masks designed to provide you with heavy-duty protection in style. Read on to find out what makes the Peppy Collection so unique in personal style and protection.

What was the inspiration behind the Peppy collection?

Thought you’ve seen it all when it comes to mask designs? Think again! The Peppy collection was inspired by lighthearted, whimsical, and quirky designs for people who are determined to keep their sense of humor and to find joy everyday throughout the pandemic. Each Peppy print was designed for the unique individuals who enjoy standing out in a sea of identical masked faces. The Peppy collection includes fun prints such as avocados, smiley faces with X eyes, Astro signs, and geometric prints, all using lively colors and lots of good vibes which we could all use right about now.


In case you’re wondering what the big deal is, “it’s just masks, right?”, you may be interested to learn that several studies have shown that masks make you more attractive to other people. In fact, people who wore masks were rated more attractive than those very same people without their masks on. All the more reason to ensure you are rocking that mask on your face and boosting your personal branding at the same time.


Looks aside, how well does the SonoMask Pro protect?

The SonoMask™ Pro is an Israeli-made high-protection reusable face mask that is based on patented ultrasonic technology developed by researchers and commercialized by Sonovia.


The SonoMask™ Pro is made up of 3 layers – an inner and outer layer made of soft, breathable fabric, and a middle filter layer to create the groundwork for exceptional filtration. In fact, it is this smart construction that makes the SonoMask™ Pro rock 97% filtration efficacy of 3-micron particles . That’s more than you’re getting from a disposable surgical mask with all the benefits of a reusable mask that you can use for as long as needed.

But high-filtration, while important, does not necessarily mean high-protection. You may have heard the CDC consistently recommending people wear the most protective mask that allows you to wear it continuously and fits you well. This is because mask protection is a product of more than just filtration. In fact, we could summarize mask performance as a formula:

The Best Protection = High Filtration + Excellent Fit + Tolerable and Bearable

Which in other words means you need a mask you are able to tolerate for as long as you need to wear it, that provides a comfortable, snug fit without being stifling, and that offers high filtration. If any part of the protection equation is missing, your protection is less than optimal. The SonoMask™ Pro provides all three of these parameters, through its impressive filtration, comfortable, breathable structure, and multiple adjustability options that ensure no air leaks in or out and no more frustration from fogged up glasses.

What makes the SonoMask Pro unique?

In addition to its exceptional protection, the SonoMask™ Pro’s fabric is treated with an antimicrobial agent using Sonovia’s patented ultrasonic technology. The antimicrobial agent is embedded in the fabric, producing a durable fabric that maintains its antimicrobial performance for over 55 weekly washes, or longer if you only wash the mask as needed. The built-in antimicrobial properties protect the mask from the growth of microorganisms and odor-causing microbes. This means that on top of exceptional filtration, the SonoMask™ Pro stays clean, hygienic, and odor-free over time. This also means you don’t need to wash the mask as often, or ever. How’s that for low-maintenance in a high-protection, reusable mask? The SonoMask™ Pro has truly covered it all!


With masks becoming an intermittent staple in our lives, we will be reaching for our masks off and on in the foreseeable future. And what’s better than a single reusable mask that we can keep on hand which offers not only top-notch protection, fit and comfort, but looks amazing every time we wear it? With your SonoMask™ Pro Peppy mask, you will be owning your personal style everywhere you go, a cut above the rest in chic and protection.