The Time is Now: Why now is precisely the time to keep your mask on during air travel​

Masks have become an integral part of our travel packing list along with our suitcase and passport. But now, over 2 years into the pandemic, mask requirements on aircrafts are being lifted by many airlines. So, should you bring your mask along for the ride or leave it at home? Read on to find out why now is precisely the time to keep your mask on during air travel.

Masks have become an integral part of our travel packing list along with our suitcase and passport.

?Why are mask mandates in aircrafts being lifted

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit most countries in 2020, no one expected it to go on for as long as it did. Even now, the future course of the pandemic is unclear, with opinions ranging from the view that the pandemic is on a path to becoming a seasonal nuisance like the common cold, to opposing opinions warning it will take us a couple more years to get there. Pandemic fatigue, differing opinions on masks, the exhausting toll on the airline industry resulting from trying to enforce mask mandates on flights among rowdy passengers with different views regarding masks are all piling on the pressure to go back to pre-pandemic normalcy. Now.

The SonoMask™ Pro - the travel mask you need

?What makes passenger cabins unique human surroundings

Passenger cabins are like no other human environment. They are closed off spaces that hold the same group of strangers for hours on end. Leaving mid-flight is not an option. Moving around is limited. Ventilation and air quality are completely controlled by the aircraft.


Even with advanced filtration systems in place, the air in the passenger cabin is only filtered every few minutes leaving ample time for today’s highly infectious variants to be contracted. Filtration systems are also not running at full speed or at all during boarding and after landing, once again putting you at risk for catching COVID.


You have no knowledge regarding most of the people sharing this space with you nor do you have any control over their behavior or health. You have no idea as to the level of risk to which you are exposed throughout the flight. In fact, the only thing you do have control over is your own behavior. These outstanding circumstances warrant unique considerations in keeping yourself safe.

An air plane cabin full of passengers

?How can masks make a difference

For over two years now, regardless of vaccine availability, variant types or immunity levels, masks have been proven to be the first line of defense against COVID. Multiple studies in schools and aircrafts have shown masks provide a strong defense against SARS-CoV-2 infections in confined spaces. A high performing mask makes all the difference between a vacation and a sick leave. A mask like the SonoMask™ Pro with its impressive 97% filtration efficacy against 3-micron particles is a true trip-saver, offering not only high filtration performance, but superior comfort and low maintenance to support your travel conditions.

?​What sets the SonoMask Pro apart

The SonoMask™ Pro was designed following 10 years of R&D. Based on patented ultrasonic technology developed at Israel’s Bar Ilan university by a Nobel prize winner and commercialized by Sonovia, a novel, eco-friendly method was achieved for creating performance textiles using only eco-friendly chemicals and a fraction of the freshwater normally used up by the textile industry.


The antimicrobial properties embedded in textiles using this ground-breaking technique yielded highly effective, durable antimicrobial fabrics which were then incorporated into the SonoMask™ Pro. The built-in antimicrobial agent in the SonoMask™ Pro protects the mask from becoming a reservoir of microorganisms, meaning the mask stays clean, hygienic, and odor-free over time. These unique properties last for over 55 weekly washes, or longer if you choose to wash the mask only as needed. You can also forego washing altogether and enjoy the best low-maintenance reusable mask on the market.

The SonoMask™ Pro - 3 layers of protection

?What makes the SonoMask Pro an ideal travel mask

The SonoMask™ Pro is made up of 3 layers of protection – an inner poly/cotton layer, a middle filter layer to boost protection, and an outer poly/cotton layer. The combination of different layers and construction delivers both high protection and high breathability, two traits that are usually mutually exclusive in most masks on the market.

The high filtration performance in a reusable, low-maintenance, no-wash-required mask is perfect for long flights and lasts throughout your trip and long after your return home. Four sizes, a kids’ collection as well as multiple adjustability options ranging from adjustable ear straps, a flexible nose wire and an ergonomic chin guard to keep the mask in place support no-fuss, comfortable protection for people of all age and size. And the best thing is you only need one mask for your travels – no more boxes of disposable masks taking up space in your carry-on.


As masks become less and less common on airplanes, your risk while flying increases accordingly. A mask like the SonoMask™ Pro will ensure that you are not just protected by exceptional filtration but are also comfortable and relaxed throughout your trip. Now, more than ever, is the right time to invest in one good travel mask. The SonoMask™ Pro is the best choice for a travel mask, providing everything you need in one mask, and then some.

The SonoMask™ Pro Advantages and colors
The SonoMask™ Pro Advantages and colors
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