10 Reasons to Wear Masks After Mask

Mandates Are Lifted

Mask mandates are beginning to be lifted across the country. Speculation about the future course of the pandemic is gaining traction. Regardless, some people are choosing to keep wearing their masks even after this is no longer mandatory. So, what are the benefits of sticking with masks post-mandate? Read on to find out.

Conflicted about keeping your mask at home or keeping it on? Here are 10 reasons to continue wearing masks after they are no longer mandated:


1. People are still getting infected: while the number of cases of infections, hospitalizations and death is decreasing by the day, people are still catching COVID-19 across the country. Anyone could be spreading the virus unbeknownst to them, giving you ample reason to keep masking.

2. The flu and other seasonal viral diseases: you may have noticed that in 2021 no one was down with the flu. Masks played a major role in keeping the flu and other seasonal viral disease under wraps (of mask layers, that is), keeping these illnesses from spreading and giving us a winter season free of tissue and cold medicine. Since these viral diseases return every winter, we can continue to effectively protect ourselves against them via masking.


3. Masks give us a sense of control: While there are many things about the COVID-19 pandemic that have made us feel anything but in control of our lives and future, masks offer us a sense of control over our level of protection and well-being. Your choice of mask goes a long way when determining your level of control. A mask like the SonoMask™ Pro offers 3 layers of protection with a proven filtration efficacy of 97% of 3-micron particles. That’s more protection than you’re getting from a disposable surgical mask while enjoying the benefits of a reusable, breathable mask you’ll actually want to wear.

4. The next variant: although we’d all like to believe the current variant will be the one that ends the pandemic, by now we have also come to terms with the fact we still may have a ways to go until we part with COVID-19 for good. Since we have no way of knowing when the next variant is due or if it is already in our community, masking is our first line of defense against all variants to come.


The SonoMask™ Pro is a great choice due to its added value features. In addition to great filtration, the SonoMask™ Pro has been treated with an antimicrobial agent to protect the mask from becoming a reservoir of microorganisms. This means that in addition to exceptional protection, you are also getting a mask that stays clean, hygienic, and odor-free over time . That also means you would only need to wash the SonoMask™ Pro as needed and not every day like other reusable masks. With the SonoMask™ Pro you’re getting high protection and low maintenance!

5. Vaccines are always a step behind: Vaccines have done an excellent job of protecting most people against serious illness, hospitalization, and death, but they are also lagging behind the newest variants of the coronavirus. Each variant-specific version of the vaccine takes several months to test and produce, causing vaccines to fall behind the surge. Masks have proved to work effectively and consistently to block all variants and viruses throughout the pandemic thus far and can be relied on to continue to do so in the future.


6. Masks make you more attractive to others: according to multiple studies , people wearing masks are rated more attractive than those same people without masks. This is good news for anyone unhappy with their lower facial features or skin condition, or anyone happy to skip the morning shaving or makeup ritual.


The SonoMask™ Pro is a great addition to any face with its variety of colors and chic, modern design. And with its 4 different sizes, adjustable nose wire to prevent fogged up sunglasses, adjustable head or ear straps and ergonomic chin guard, the SonoMask™ Pro fits everyone’s face well and keeps you well-protected.

7. Not sharing is caring: We’ve been told sharing is caring. That’s true for many things, but not when it comes to viruses, which are best kept away from others. If you’re feeling like you may be coming down with something but not yet certain, choose to stay home and wear a mask if you need to go out for medical attention or necessities.

8. Masks increase self-awareness about being careful: When we wear masks, we are constantly reminded COVID-19 is still out there and are more aware of practicing physical distancing from others and ensuring proper hand disinfection. The SonoMask™ Pro is so comfortable and breathable you may forget you have it on, but it will keep your protection level high even when your awareness of it is low.


9. If you are at high risk from COVID-19: Some people have underlying conditions or are immunocompromised and are at greater risk from COVID-19 than other people. If you are in a high-risk group or live with someone who is more vulnerable to COVID-19 complications, you may want to keep wearing a highly protective mask regardless of mask mandates to protect yourself and anyone else in your household.


10. You are more protected with masks than without them: While no one is 100% safe, wearing masks offers you substantially more protection than not wearing them. The level of protection depends on your surroundings, practices, and your choice of mask. The better the mask’s fit, wearability, and filtration, the better your protection from the mask. The SonoMask™ Pro offers you the perfect combination of high protection, exceptional fit and breathable comfort that you can wear effortlessly for as long as needed. The SonoMask™ Pro is by far the best mask for the task!

As the pandemic fluctuates and surges within our lives, it is impossible to know how safe we really are at any given moment. While mask mandates follow the latest pandemic trends and national statistics, and no one is 100% safe, one thing holds true – we are safer with our masks on than without them . And the better our choice of mask, the most protected we are. With the SonoMask™ Pro you get superior filtration, breathable comfort and excellent fit that together work to deliver top-notch protection until the day when we can (hopefully) really know we are safe.