Inside Information: The Best Mask for Indoor Public Spaces in 2022   

As yet another year of living with the COVID-19 pandemic begins and as the most transmissible variant to date, the Omicron, quickly becomes the dominant variant worldwide, we are once again reminded this ordeal is far from over.

Determined to strike a balance between taking necessary precautions and preserving a sense of normalcy, we strive to find a mask that will keep us safe in indoor settings. But with so many masks on the market, how do we make the right choice for us? Read on to find out.

"The health status of the people sharing the space with you is unknown to you and represents all possibilities from perfectly healthy to potentially carrying and spreading COVID-19"

What are the challenges in public indoor spaces?

Indoor spaces pose a range of challenges when living with a pandemic. Among these are:


Crowds: The cold weather, the need to commute, work, shop or run errands all work together to generate large crowds under one roof. The health status of the people sharing the space with you is unknown to you and represents all possibilities from perfectly healthy to potentially carrying and spreading COVID-19. Under these circumstances, the ability to maintain physical distancing is limited to non-existent. Your protection is now down to frequent hand-disinfecting and your choice of mask.

High-touch surfaces: Elevator buttons, rails, touchscreens, and door handles are just a few examples of the high-touch surfaces you will encounter in indoor public spaces. Hand sanitizing will not always be possible after touching each of these surfaces. It now comes down to your choice of mask to protect you.


Poor ventilation and air circulation: One of the contributing factors to reducing transmission in crowded spaces is proper ventilation of the space and keeping air circulation high, introducing fresh air from the outside to replace indoor air which may be harbor SARS-CoV-2. However, in cold months and in many indoor spaces, this option is limited, once again making your choice of mask your main protection strategy.

What should we look for in a mask for indoor spaces?

A good mask for public indoor spaces should be a combination of the following:


High Filtration: High filtration is key to protecting you from whatever is around you. A mask like the SonoMask™ Pro offers tested and proven 97% filtration of 3-micron particles.


Comfort and Breathability: With many masks, people have been led to believe high filtration and comfort and breathability are mutually exclusive. The SonoMask™ Pro begs to differ. At Sonovia, we understand that if the mask is unbearable to wear as long as needed, no level of protection will be effective. This is why the SonoMask™ Pro was designed with both exceptional filtration and high breathability and comfort in mind.

The SonoMask™ Pro is designed with 3 layers of protection – an inner and outer fabric layer made of a soft, poly/cotton blend, and a middle filter layer for extra protection. The unique structure of the SonoMask™ Pro means you get both outstanding filtration and breathability to keep your mask on for as long as needed.

Adjustability & Fit:  Often overlooked, yet a major determinant of how effective your protection level will be is how well the mask fits. A mask that is too loose or has gaps will allow air to seep in and leak out. A mask that is too tight or small will become unbearable to wear and may not cover all facial areas to keep you safe.

The SonoMask™ Pro is all about adjustability. It offers two strap options - head straps or ear straps, both with adjustable sliders. An adjustable nose wire allows you to achieve an airtight seal and prevents your sunglasses from fogging up. An ergonomic chin guard makes sure the mask stay put. And a range of 4 sizes from kids to adults looking for XL ensures everyone enjoys Sonovia’s superior protection.