The Best No-Odor Towels in 2022

Have you ever taken a shower only to be met by a smelly towel that completely wiped out your sense of cleanliness? Regular towels can quickly become a reservoir for bacteria and mildew, producing unpleasant odors and ending your shower on a foul-smelling note. So how can you enjoy your showers with a towel that supports freshness? Read on to find out.

We’ve all been there. Reaching for a towel at the end of a refreshing shower or bath and getting a whiff of mildew from the very towel that was intended to end our washing ritual on a pleasant-smelling note. Regular towels were designed to absorb liquids, but in the process, they become a hotbed for odor-causing microorganisms. Until recently, we would shrug this off as a given, but now, with Sonovia’s innovative technology, get ready to enjoy shower-freshness that endures the drying off stage. Sonovia’s latest product, the Ever-Fresh Towel, is making life better, and fresher-smelling.

What are Sonovia’s Ever-Fresh Towels?

Sonovia’s Ever-Fresh Towels are high-grade, 100% premium organic cotton hotel quality towels that were designed to end bath time on a fresh note. As with previous products developed by Sonovia based on market needs, the Ever-Fresh towel was designed to make life better. Towels are notorious for becoming a hotbed for microorganisms. These microorganisms quickly multiply on and in the towels, releasing unpleasant odors. These unpleasant odors then affect you as you towel off after a shower or bath. Sonovia’s Ever-Fresh Towels are treated with our patented ODOR-BLOCK™ antimicrobial formulation to prevent the towels from becoming a repository for odor-causing microorganisms.

How does Sonovia’s Ever-Fresh Odor-Block Technology work?

Sonovia has dedicated a decade to perfecting its patented ultrasonic technology. Using this eco-friendly method, the fabric is embedded with a unique formulation of an antimicrobial agent. The ground-breaking method yields towels that are durable and maintain their performance for over 55 washes. Sonovia’s innovative process uses 0 harmful chemicals and a fraction of the freshwater usually used in the textile industry, making it both eco-friendly and people friendly.

How are Ever-Fresh Towels different from other towels?

Regular towels were designed to absorb moisture without any consideration for what happens to these towels afterwards. The humidity in the bathroom and within the towel’s fibers creates an ideal environment for a plethora of microorganisms. These microorganisms incessantly multiply on the towel, producing unpleasant odors in the process. Sonovia realized early on regular towels only deliver on half the promise to the people using them. It was simply not enough to provide absorbent towels. It was all about ensuring the towels deliver freshness and true cleanliness. Sonovia’s Ever-Fresh ODOR-BLOCK™ technology delivers on that promise, every time you dry off.

What are the unique benefits of the Sonovia Ever-Fresh Towels?

The Ever-Fresh towels were designed with the full drying off process in mind. Ever-Fresh towels are thick, soft, plush towels that offer the luxurious hotel experience in your own home. Incredibly absorbent and fast-drying, Ever-Fresh towels dry three times faster than regular towels, perfect for anyone who sometimes takes more than one shower a day. Sonovia’s patented Ever-Fresh ODOR-BLOCK™ technology delivers a premium product that maintains its performance over 55 washes. The towels are designed to resist odors and maintain a fresh, clean scent over time. Sonovia’s Ever-Fresh towels are completely free of the harmful chemicals usually used in the textile industry and are safe to use. And because the built-in antimicrobial properties prevent the growth of odor-causing microorganisms, you can wash the towels less often, cutting down on your weekly wash loads and energy bill. How’s that for a low-maintenance, no-fuss towel?


With Sonovia’s Ever-Fresh hotel quality towel you enjoy the opulence of hotel luxury without the laundry loads of home life. Immerse yourself in the freshness of an invigorating shower all day long without the musty, mildewy smell of regular towels. Sonovia’s Ever-Fresh towels – designed by people for people who enjoy a fresh-smelling, low-maintenance shower experience each and every day.