What Are Percale Bed Sheets and Pillowcases?  

If you’ve ever set out to buy bed sheets or pillowcases, you’ve probably come across the term “percale”. Percale is a very popular option for bedding and pillowcases both for the home and for use in hotels, and for good reason. But what exactly is percale and why is it such a popular choice? Read on to find out.

What exactly is percale?

Percale sheets and pillowcases are named after the type of weave used to make them. The weaving of percale bedding is a criss-cross grid pattern created by a one yarn over, one yarn under weaving order.  

Percale bedding is usually made of cotton yarn due to the high breathability which cotton offers, but this type of weave can be applied to other types of yarns or a blend of yarns as well to achieve different characteristics and desired qualities. Percale bedding comes in a wide range of thread counts starting with 180 and up to 400 and higher.


"while we change our clothes every day, many people change their bed sheets only once every 3-4 weeks"

What are the advantages of percale bed sheets and pillowcases?

The combination of the cotton yarn and the percale weave yields a very breathable, lightweight bedding. Percale bedding has a smooth, even appearance with a matte finish. The fabric is cool and crisp to the touch. Because of its natural crispness and coolness, percale bedding is ideal for hot sleepers or for warm weather and climates . Percale is also extremely durable and made to last. This bed linen also tends to become softer with every wash and is resistant to pilling over time. The natural softness of percale, the cool, crisp feel, casual elegance, and outstanding durability also makes percale a top choice for hotels. If you are planning a stay at a hotel anytime soon, chances are you will be sleeping on percale bedding.

What are the hidden dangers of bed sheets and pillowcases?

We spend about one third of our lives in bed. However, it turns out that while we change our clothes every day, many people change their bed sheets only once every 3-4 weeks.  The largest organ in our bodies is our skin. Did you know that we lose between 30,000 and 40,000 dead skin cells every minute of each day? Combine that with spending about one third of your life in bed, and you begin to understand that your bed sheets and pillowcases are becoming more and more of a cell cemetery by the minute. And who loves dead skin cells as snacks? Bacteria! Sweat, saliva from drooling while sleeping, skincare and hair products, dirt and dust that build up on your sheets and pillowcase, these all make up a huge all-you-can-eat buffet for bacteria. Some of these bacteria are extremely dangerous, like the bacteria that cause gonorrhea or meningitis. Other bacteria, while not as dangerous, have direct impact on your self-esteem. Consider the bacteria that cause acne for example. As muck accumulates on your pillowcase, combined with sweat and moisture, acne-causing bacteria enjoy all the conditions they need to form and exacerbate acne. Realistically, most people don’t have the time or patience to wash pillowcases every day but do want to keep acne and other skin irritations under control. So, what can you do to not only prevent serious illness but also avoid skin disasters caused by your pillowcases and sheets?


How are Sonovia’s pillowcases making sleep safer?

When Sonovia set out to develop its innovative pillowcases, the company was well-aware of the dangers lurking in people’s beds, having dedicated a decade of research to developing solutions that fight microbes. A sophisticated combination of features was required to ensure Sonovia’s pillowcases made sleep safe again. Sonovia introduced active zinc into the fabric of its pillowcases. Zinc is a key ingredient in the skincare industry due to its antibacterial properties, and is found in products designed to fight acne, diaper rashes and other skin conditions. The zinc in Sonovia’s Gleem pillowcases actively combats bacteria and is clinically proven to eliminate bacteria with over 99% efficacy. This includes acne-causing bacteria as well, creating a safe, clean sleep environment and protecting your skin. Sonovia’s Gleem pillowcases also contain a special wicking finish so that in addition to the quick moisture absorption you get from the cotton, any moisture is also quickly cleared away from your face and evaporated, keeping you refreshed and comfortable during the night.  And to add more onto a good thing, Gleem pillowcases also have an easy-care finish to ensure any ironing needed is light at most. While regular pillowcases need to be washed at least once a week in hot water to ensure harmful bacteria is washed away, with Sonovia’s self-cleaning pillowcases, wash loads no longer need to be a weekly hassle.

Are percale bed sheets and pillowcases right for me?

If you are a hot sleeper or are looking for bedding for hot climates or seasons, percale would be a natural choice for you with its cool, crisp feel. If you enjoy a matte finish and want bedding that is long-lasting, dependable and gets better and softer with time, percale is your go-to bedding.


With so many dangers and contaminants in your bed, your pillowcases may have serious impact on your health and your complexion. Choosing the right pillowcase is the key to staying healthy and maintaining your clear complexion. With Sonovia’s Gleem pillowcases that offer you the softness, durability, and crisp and cool comfort of percale, fortified with bacteria-blasting zinc and extra wicking and easy-care properties, you have everything you need to sleep worry-free and acne-free.