The Most Innovative Pillowcase in 2021  

Pillowcases have been around forever, and it seems like not much has changed in the bedding category in ages. I mean, what can you expect from a rectangular piece of fabric, right? Wrong! As our lives get busier, the clutter that surrounds us and weighs us down is challenging not just our ability to manage our day but our ability to sleep in addition to affecting our overall health.

Getting a good night’s sleep in a clean environment has never been more important. But what innovations in bed sheets have been made, and how can these help us boost sleep quality? Read on to find out.

"Your pillowcases have over 17,000 times the number of bacteria found on a toilet seat"

What are the dangers of regular pillowcases?

There are so many types of pillowcases on the market, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. But there are some issues that apply to all pillowcases, most of which having more to do with us and the way we interact with our sheets. We use our beds mainly for sleep, but also for other types of activities, ranging from the romantic kind to the type that involves nachos and a flat screen TV. According to UCSB ScienceLine , we shed 500 million dead skin cells a day. With one third of our day being spent in bed, you get the picture as to the amount of dead skin cells that accumulate on your pillowcase each night. Pile on the sweat, skincare products and lotions, dirt, dust, drool, and all kinds of other fun bodily fluids our bedding endures, and you’ve got a swamp of yuck for a bed. In fact, according to research carried out by Amerisleep , after just one week of use, your pillowcases have over 17,000 times the number of bacteria found on a toilet seat! As alarming as this sounds, the general recommendation is to wash your bed sheets once a week to stay ahead of the (bacteria) curve.


However, if the thought of all those bacteria munching away on dead skin cells might still be keeping you up at night, or if the need to frequently change and wash your pillowcase is not realistic for you, there are more practical options out there to ease your mind and work with your schedule.

What innovations in pillowcases were released in 2021?

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is to be aware of invisible threats in the form of microbes. Those invisible beings living among us and inside us, that for the most part co-exist with us in peace, sometimes go to town on our health. A new post-pandemic reality requires new precautions from us, and more attention is now dedicated to creating cleaner work and rest environments. Necessity is the mother of all inventions, and when the pandemic hit, Sonovia was already successfully implementing the use of antimicrobial fabrics in hospitals to fight off hospital-acquired infections. Sonovia’s patented ultrasonic technology embeds desired formulations into textiles to create performance textiles. When Sonovia identified the new market needs, it turned its attention to developing pillowcases and bed sheets for a post-pandemic world.

What makes Sonovia’s pillowcases unique?

Sonovia’s pillowcases are embedded with active zinc. Zinc, while safe for humans, is known for its antibacterial properties. The zinc in Sonovia’s pillowcases eliminates bacteria with over 99% efficacy, neutralizing bad odors in the process, and keeping your pillowcases cleaner longer. In fact, due to their self-cleaning capabilities, Sonovia’s pillowcases don’t need to be washed as often as regular pillowcases. That’s great news for your weekly laundry load!


Sonovia’s Gleem Percale 270 thread count cotton pillowcases provide you with a cool, crisp feel as you slide into bed. The sheets are airy and breathable and support optimal temperature for quality sleep. They are durable and actually become softer with every wash cycle. Sonovia’s Spark Sateen 500 thread count pillowcases surround you in luxury and luster for a sleek sleep experience. But that’s not all, with the embedded zinc inside the pillowcases, Sonovia’s pillowcases are also working to fight acne as you sleep, with lab tests proving Sonovia’s pillowcases eliminate acne-causing bacteria with over 99.99% efficacy!


To help you maintain optimal sleep temperature, Sonovia have also added on a wicking finish to their pillowcases. In addition to cotton’s natural great moisture absorption, the unique wicking finish ensures any sweat is quickly removed and evaporated away keeping your sleep environment comfortable and fresh. And to top it off, the Gleem and Spark pillowcase collections were also given a special easy-care finish to keep any ironing light at most.


In today’s post-pandemic world, there are more things keeping us up at night, but the cleanliness of our pillowcases should not be one of them! With Sonovia’s antibacterial, anti-odor and acne-bacteria blasting pillowcases, that also wick away sweat while requiring minimal maintenance from you, you know you are resting your head and mind in a safe place that is working for you while you work on your zzz’s. Sleep safe with Sonovia!