The Best Cooling Pillowcases for Hot Sleepers In 2021

Have you ever tossed and turned in bed, feeling hot, agitated, restless and uncomfortable, watching the clock while sleep eludes you? Have you ever woken up flushed or drenched in a pool of sweat? You might just be a hot sleeper. Hot sleepers need their sleep just like everyone else. So, what can you do to create the perfect sleep environment, and how can pillowcases make the difference between quality sleep and another sleepless night? Read on to find out.

Too hot for comfort: are you a hot sleeper?

There are different reasons for running hot during sleep, ranging from hormones, age, activity levels and temperament, diets, prescription drug side effects and genetics. Regardless of the cause, hot sleepers are a hot mess experiencing trouble falling asleep due to overheating and discomfort, constantly waking up during the night sweaty and agitated, and rising and shining in sweat. With the room temperature being too hot for comfort or the wrong choice of sheets and pillowcases making things worse, hot sleepers certainly have their work cut out for them in keeping their cool. Good sleep quality is extremely important for our mental and physical health and our ability to function at our best during the day. It is therefore not a luxury but a necessity that hot sleepers find the formula that is right for them to make their bedroom conditions optimal for sleep.

Can the wrong pillowcase make night sweats worse?

Yes. Because hot sleepers are temperature-sensitive and already start out warmer than other people by default, a pillowcase that adds heat or traps body heat or sweat can make sleeping an uncomfortable or even impossible ordeal for hot sleepers. For example, a pillowcase made from synthetic material like polyester or nylon that allows less air circulation and traps moisture on its surface will create the opposite effect and may even retain body heat rather than dispersing it. Oh, and you may want to check out your room temperature as well. According to a poll of 1500 people by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) , the optimal bedroom temperature that best supports sleep is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit (around 18.3 degrees Celsius).

How to choose the right pillowcase for hot sleepers

With so many pillowcases on the market, it’s no wonder you may be overwhelmed by the different options out there. While there are many types of pillowcases to choose from, it is important to look for specific attributes when selecting your pillowcase to avoid shopping by trial-and-error and ending up with a stock of pillowcases you can’t use. Specifically, when looking for a pillowcase for people who sleep hot, prefer natural fabrics such as cotton or bamboo. Cotton has particularly high breathability and moisture absorption properties, keeping both body heat and moisture away from you. In the NSF survey mentioned earlier, 73% of respondents said that sheets and bedding with a comfortable feel are important to the quality of their sleep. This is especially true for people who experience night sweats and

overheating. Cotton pillowcases have a cool and crisp feel to them, which will help hot sleepers achieve the right sleep temperature in bed and offset the natural excess heat they produce while sleeping. Cotton pillowcases are also soft and natural creating a comfortable union between your head and your pillowcase at night.

What are cooling pillowcases and how can they help with my night sweats?

You may have heard the term cooling pillowcases being thrown around, but what exactly does this mean? Cooling pillowcases are pillowcases that are designed to give you that cool, crisp feel. Cooling pillowcases offer superior moisture absorption to keep sweat away from you, as well as high breathability and ventilation to keep any heat you produce from sticking around (literally!) and causing you to overheat during the night. These types of pillowcases are ideal for hot sleepers as well as for warm climates and the warmer seasons of the year, and for anyone who prefers that crisp, cool feel.


Sonovia’s cooling pillowcases are made with lightweight, airy cotton. The thread count / weave combinations were strategically designed to provide durability and quality while maintaining the pillowcases’ high breathability and ventilation properties. Sonovia offers two types of pillowcases to support different needs. The percale pillowcase at 270 thread count was designed for extra softness and breathability. The sateen pillowcase with its 500 thread count was designed for extra luster and luxury with a sleek feel.

Get The Cool Comfort of luxury Hotels with Sonovia’s Pillowcases !

Can cooling pillowcases be made even better?

You may be familiar with the term wicking from sportswear, where your running top pulls away sweat and evaporates it to boost your training performance. While the choice of cotton, thread count and weave in Sonovia’s pillowcases was carefully orchestrated to be geared toward high comfort levels for hot sleepers, both types of pillowcases have also been treated with an innovative wicking finish that quickly wicks moisture away from you and evaporates it to elevate the pillowcases’ support of hot sleepers and people who prefer a cool sleeping environment to a whole other level.

What other advanced added value features are in Sonovia’s cooling pillowcases?

Sonovia’s pillowcases are made with zero harmful chemicals, ensuring your skin and lungs are not continuously exposed to dangerous substances from your pillowcase. The pillowcases are incredibly durable and maintain their high performance for many years. But there’s more. You may not know this, but according to research by Amerisleep , after just one week of using your pillowcase, it has more bacteria than your toilet seat! 17,442 times to be exact! This fact alone can keep you up at night. Enter Sonovia’s pillowcases that are not only cooling and wicking but also include active zinc, which is used in multiple industries for its antibacterial properties. Now your pillowcase is not only cooling you down but also eliminating dangerous bacteria while you sleep. In fact, Sonovia’s pillowcases have been proven to eliminate bacteria with over 99.9% efficacy!

Those antibacterial properties not only work to keep your pillowcase fresh, clean, and odor-free, but also eliminate the bacteria that causes acne. If you

suffer from acne, you will be happy to know that while you are getting your beauty sleep on Sonovia’s pillowcases, Sonovia’s pillowcases with active zinc are diligently fighting the good fight for your skin. Sonovia’s innovative technology embeds the zinc into the pillowcase’s fabric, so that it maintains its antibacterial qualities wash after wash, allowing you to sleep cool, clean, acne-free, and worry-free.


Getting a good night’s rest is a basic human need for us to be able to function well during the day. But for hot sleepers, sleeping can be a nightmare. Sonovia’s cooling pillowcases were developed with hot sleepers in mind. With their antibacterial power, high breathability, cool and crisp feel, and active wicking, Sonovia’s pillowcases’ will make sure your nightly sweat sessions and overheating will become a distant dream as you dose off into well-deserved quality sleep. Sonovia’s pillowcases will keep you cool as a cucumber, catching ZZZ’s in a breeze. Sonovia pillowcases – the cool choice for hot sleepers.