The Best Antiviral Pillowcases for Travel in 2021  

Travel is picking up again and vacationing is back on. But while vacation options are becoming more abundant, the pandemic is still around, and safe travels take on new meaning. Our days of carelessly dozing off on any airline or hotel issued pillowcase are still ahead of us, and for now we should still be paying attention to the surface on which we rest our head.

The no-brainer solution is of course to bring your own pillowcase from home. But what pillowcase would make the best travel buddy to keep you safe?  Read on to find out what you can do to create a safe head space while vacationing.


"New York City hotels sampled did not change the bedding in-between guests"

Why would you need a travel pillowcase?

There are many pre-pandemic and post-pandemic reasons to bring your own pillowcase from home. For starters, bringing your own pillowcase means you know what level of cleanliness you are getting, whereas on a plane or a hotel room, you have no way of knowing how well the pillowcase was cleaned and under what conditions it was stored until your head met it. Bringing your own pillowcase gives you that assurance of cleanliness and hygiene. Some people also find it difficult to fall asleep in airplane or hotel surroundings. A pillowcase from home with the scent of your own laundry detergent and other familiar smells of home can do wonders for your ability to fall asleep.  

What are the dangers of airplane-issued pillowcases?

There are many possible dangers associated with plane issued pillowcases. For starters, you don’t know how clean they are, as you have no control over their laundering process. When airplane pillowcases come wrapped in plastic, chances are they have been washed before being repackaged for the next traveler. If they arrive with no plastic bag, they quite possibly have not been washed in-between flights. Even if the pillowcases had been laundered, you still have no idea how well they were actually washed and how clean they really are. You also have no idea how well the airplane is cleaned in between flights, so even if your pillowcase happens to be clean, the surfaces that you touch while sitting or while walking around the plane and the surfaces your pillowcase touches might not be as safe as you think. In fact, you would be horrified to learn that testing carried out by Marketplace , revealed that the filthiest surface on the airplane is actually your headrest, which was found to include E.coli bacteria, indicating fecal, or poop, contamination. Remember that passenger grabbing your headrest on the way back from the bathroom? Yuck… Blankets were tested as well and despite having been washed and repackaged in a plastic bag, contained high counts of bacteria, yeast and mold.

What are the dangers of hotel pillowcases?

Hotels represent the ultimate getaway experience. But what is actually hiding underneath the rich exterior? Hotel bedding is supposed to be changed after every checkout with each new guest checking in receiving freshly laundered bed sheets. But is this the case? Based on this test carried out by Inside Edition , even with the coronavirus pandemic going on, the New York City hotels sampled did not change the bedding in-between guests. The pillowcases, sheet and duvets were sprayed with a stencil of the Inside Edition logo using invisible paint seen only with UV light. The paint easily comes off in the wash. The producers then checked out and checked in again into the same room under a different name and guess what? The Inside Edition logo was right there, glowing under the UV light the next day. No change of pillowcases or sheets. Yikes. Even when hotels do change the sheets and launder them, you have no way of knowing how they were washed. Hotels usually use strong detergents for laundering, which could cause skin irritation or allergies in people who may be sensitive to chemicals or have sensitive skin. The strong detergents used are also quite detrimental to the environment and to our water sources. Another reason for preferring your own pillowcase would be if you have specific needs when sleeping. For example, hot sleepers who count on a cool, crisp feel of bedding for a good night’s sleep may find some hotel pillowcases uncomfortable, especially if they retain heat.


Inside Edition tested Manhattan hotels to see if they were cleaning between guests. Inside Edition

What are antiviral pillowcases and are they right for me?

Living with the pandemic we suddenly realized how vulnerable we are to viruses and other invisible threats like bacteria and viruses. Airplane and hotel issued pillowcases are not always up to the cleanliness standards needed and we have no way of knowing whether they are safe to use. At the start of the pandemic, Sonovia was putting a decade of research and innovative technology to work by using its antiviral and antibacterial fabrics in face masks. The masks were a phenomenal hit, bought and trusted by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Being aware of the growing demand for a hygienic sleep environment, Sonovia turned its efforts to making antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal pillowcases. Sonovia’s fabrics are proven to eliminate over 99% of viruses and bacteria.


The collection offers two types of pillowcases as per your preference: the Gleem Percale pillowcase is made from 270 thread count cotton using percale weave, known for its cool, crisp, breathable feel and matte finish that is perfect for hot sleepers or warm weather. The Spark Sateen pillowcase is made from 500 thread count cotton using satin weave giving you a shiny, luxurious, indulging experience. The pillowcases are durable and made to last. Both collections are antiviral and antibacterial.


The pillowcases were also topped off with a special wicking finish to add on to cotton’s excellent natural absorption qualities and quickly clear and evaporate any sweat and moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. The pillowcases also contain an easy-care finish to keep your ironing to a minimum. And combined with their antimicrobial, self-cleaning properties, you don’t need to wash Sonovia’s pillowcases as often as other pillowcases, so you get more time to use the pillowcases rather than maintain them! Thanks to Sonovia’s green ultrasonic technology, only eco-friendly chemicals are used to make the pillowcases, so you can sleep with a clean conscience. And the antibacterial power in the pillowcases also eliminates over 99.99% of the acne-causing bacteria, so you are not only getting your beauty rest, but actively working toward it while you sleep!

Post-pandemic times require post-pandemic measures. Relying on airlines and hotel chains to keep our seat or bed clean is a roll of the dice. The only way to ensure your pillowcase is truly clean and comfortable is to bring your own with you. With Sonovia’s antiviral and antibacterial pillowcases, you can sleep easy during all stages of your trip, and let your pillowcase fight off any nightmares hiding on surfaces while you’re away from home. Focus on the fun while Sonovia focuses on the fight!


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