The Amazing Pillowcases That Got It Just Right!

I don’t know about you, but this past year has made me more particular about the comfort level inside my home, and especially in bed. When you spend that many hours indoors, you want your comfort level to be, well…as Goldilocks so eloquently put it, “just right”. I have gone through my fair share of pillowcases, each with its own shortcomings, never managing to find one pillowcase that has met all my needs. Until now.

What makes a good pillowcase?

You spend one third of your day on your pillowcase, so comfort is a must. But what makes one pillowcase more comfortable than another and how can you tell before you buy it? A good way to go about this is to see which pillowcases luxury hotels are using. Hotels are all about comfort and creating the best sleep experience. Your quality of sleep while staying at a hotel could make or break their rating, so hotels are always on the lookout for the perfect pillowcases for their guests. So, what do hotels use to create the most relaxing, restful sleep environment for all types of guests? They use cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber that gives pillowcases a cool and crisp feel. If you’ve ever slid into your hotel bed and just felt that instant relaxation, you know what I’m talking about. Both percale and satin cotton pillowcases are the  most prevalent types of pillowcases found in hotels. Each of them has their own set of benefits, and both are great choices, it just comes down to personal preference.

Here are the pillowcases I discovered that have upgraded my quality of sleep and comfort

When Sonovia set out to develop its pillowcase collection, it was clear it needed to be an innovative collection to meet the needs of a post-pandemic world. People are much more aware of the need for clean, bacteria-free surfaces and performance textiles, especially when it comes to where we rest our heads. Sonovia combined its breakthrough technology and knowhow from the past decade in developing antimicrobial fabrics, to create an advanced collection of antibacterial pillowcases.

The Sonovia collection of pillowcases contains active zinc in its fabric that is safe for people, but not for the harmful stowaways in your bed. Zinc is used abundantly in many skincare products due to its outstanding antibacterial properties. Those exact same capabilities give Sonovia’s pillowcases the ability to eliminate bacteria with over 99% efficacy. This comes as great relief once you discover to your dismay that after just one week of use, regular pillowcases have accumulated more bacteria than your toilet seat! Ugh! With Sonovia’s self-cleaning antibacterial pillowcase you can finally sleep in a clean, safe environment. That is great news for your laundry machine too because with these antibacterial capabilities, your pillowcases would not get contaminated by germs and remains odor-free, meaning you would only really need to toss your pillowcases in the wash once every 3 weeks or so instead of every week like other pillowcases.


If you happen to be suffering from acne or other skin irritations you would also be happy to learn that Sonovia’s pillowcases eliminate acne-causing bacteria with over 99% efficacy, so you are not only clearing your head as you sleep but your skin as well!

What are percale pillowcases and why are they great for hot sleepers?

Percale gets its name from the type of weave used to make it. The combination of the cotton yarn and the percale weave yields a very breathable, lightweight pillowcase. Percale pillowcases have a smooth, even appearance with a matte finish. The fabric is cool and crisp to the touch. If you are a hot sleeper or are looking for bedding for hot climates or seasons, percale would be a natural choice for you with its cool, crisp feel. Percale is also extremely durable and made to last. The pillowcases also tend to become softer with every wash and are resistant to pilling over time. If you enjoy a matte finish and want bedding that is long-lasting, dependable and gets better and softer with time, percale is your go-to bedding.

What are sateen pillowcases and what makes them so luxurious?

Many people believe satin is a material, like silk or cotton, but satin is in fact a type of weave. A satin weave is characterized by shiny, glossy, lustrous, smooth, and rich looking front surface (the face) with a duller bottom side (back). Satin has beautiful drape and is wonderfully soft. It has a very luxurious feel to it. It is also very flexible, making it great for pillowcases. In general, satin tends to be more resistant to wrinkles than other types of  weaves. Satin is quite strong and durable but can be prone to snagging or pulling. When cotton is woven using a satin weave, it is called Sateen.

Get The Cool Comfort of luxury Hotels with Sonovia’s Pillowcases !

What are some other unique qualities of Sonovia’s pillowcases?

Getting enough sleep is challenging enough as it is but spending your waking hours on time-consuming chores is downright frustrating. Sonovia understands how precious your time is and has therefore given its pillowcases a wrinkle-resistant finish so that you never have to pick up an iron to iron your pillowcases again! You get all the benefits of cotton without the downside of ironing. From now on, iron is just a supplement, not an instrument.

Thanks, Sonovia!


If you are hot sleepers, you know what it’s like to wake up overheated or in a pool of sweat. People who deal with overheating at night naturally prefer cotton as their fabric of choice. But Sonovia has taken cotton’s naturally cooling properties and made them even better by adding on an additional wicking finish to both its percale and sateen pillowcases which wicks away sweat and moisture to keep you extra comfortable. Now you can enjoy all the cooling benefits of cotton combined with extra wicking power for an out-of-body cooling experience.

Are the Sonovia pillowcases right for you?

If you want to recreate the luxury of the hotel experience in your own home, if are a hot sleeper or just prefer a cool, crisp feel when your head hits the pillow at night, if you want high-quality, low-maintenance pillowcases that keep you safe from bacteria while you sleep, Sonovia’s pillowcases are going  to become your must-have pillowcases. Sonovia’s pillowcases offer two types of weaves offering different benefits for different preferences and needs. Sonovia’s percale pillowcases offer a great 270 thread count with all the benefits percale has to offer. Sonovia’s sateen pillowcases boast a whopping 500 thread count with all the luxury that comes with satin pillowcases. The pillowcases are designed to be durable and support your head for many years to come, and, most importantly, they watch over you (or under you) as you sleep so you can get the rest you so deserve.


With so many pillowcases to choose from, it’s hard to know what to pick. But with Sonovia’s pillowcases that harness the power of zinc to eliminate bacteria and odors, that offer you advanced cooling and wicking properties as well as acne-fighting power and no-ironing to boot plus all the perks that high-quality percale and sateen have to offer, choosing a pillowcase becomes a breeze. Sleep easy with Sonovia.