Are Satin and Sateen Pillowcases Right for Me?  

If you’ve ever decided to buy a set of pillowcases, you’ve probably come across a very long list of types and terms. Some of the more prevalent names you may have seen are satin and sateen.

But what exactly are satin and sateen, what are the differences between the two and are sateen pillowcases right for you? In this guide we’ve assembled all of this info for you so that by the time you’re done reading, you’ll know your way around satin and sateen pillowcases like a pro!


"After just one week of sleeping on your pillowcase, it has 17,442 times the number of bacteria on your toilet seat"

What exactly is satin?

Many people believe satin is a material, like silk or cotton, but satin is in fact a type of weave. Satin pillowcases are therefore named after the weave used to make them. There are different types of satin weaves and different yarns, or threads can be combined in one fabric to achieve different fabric characteristics. So, you can actually find satin pillowcases made from many different materials or a combination of materials on the market.

What are the characteristics and advantages of satin pillowcases?

A satin weave is characterized by shiny, glossy, lustrous, smooth, and rich looking front surface (the face) with a duller bottom side (back). Satin has beautiful drape and is wonderfully soft. It has a very luxurious feel to it. It is also very flexible, making it great for pillowcases. In general, satin tends to be more resistant to wrinkles than other types of weave. Satin is quite strong and durable but can be prone to snagging or pulling.

What is the difference between satin and sateen pillowcases?

Satin is made using filaments which are long continuous fibers. Silk, nylon, and polyester are examples of filament fibers. If filaments such as nylon, polyester or silk are used to make the fabric, the fabric is considered satin. A special type of satin is sateen. Sateen is also made using a satin weave, but with short-staple fibers. Cotton is an example of a short-staple fiber. If short-staple yarns are used to make the fabric, for example cotton, the fabric is considered sateen. So, while both satin and sateen are based on satin weave, the difference lies in the type of yarn used to make the fabric. Sateen is usually a weft facing yarn whereas satin is usually a warp facing yarn.


The dangers hiding in your pillowcases

The past couple of years have shown us how important it is to be aware of the cleanliness of our surroundings and surfaces. With pillowcases, cleanliness takes on that much more importance because they are where we lay our heads for a good 7-8 hours each day. Although we often rely on appearances to decide whether our pillowcase is clean enough to keep using it, the invisible truth is quite different and alarming. Per research by Amerisleep , after just one week of sleeping on your pillowcase, it has 17,442 times the number of bacteria on your toilet seat! If reading this keeps you up at night, don’t disparage, as there is a great pillowcase out there to keep things fresh and clean.

What innovations are out there when it comes to sateen pillowcases?

When Sonovia set out to develop its bedding collection, it was clear an innovative product range was required to meet the needs of a post-pandemic world. People are much more aware of the need for clean, microbe free surfaces and performance textiles, especially when it comes to where we rest our heads. Sonovia combined its breakthrough technology and knowhow from the past decade in developing antimicrobial fabrics, to create an advanced collection of antibacterial pillowcases. The Sonovia collection of pillowcases contains active zinc in its fabric that is safe for people, but not for the harmful stowaways in your bedding. Zinc is used abundantly in many skincare products due to its outstanding antimicrobial properties. Those exact same capabilities give Sonovia’s pillowcases the ability to eliminate bacteria with over 99% efficacy. This means you can finally sleep in a clean, safe environment. This is good news for your laundry machine too because with these antibacterial capabilities, your pillowcases would not get contaminated by germs or develop bad odors, meaning you can scale back on the weekly wash loads required for regular pillowcases. 


If you happen to be suffering from acne or other skin irritations you would also be happy to learn that Sonovia’s pillowcases eliminate acne-causing bacteria with over 99% efficacy as well, so you are not only clearing your head as you sleep but protecting your skin as well! Sonovia’s Spark sateen pillowcases offer you the high moisture absorption that cotton is known for, but also include an innovative wicking finish to quickly evaporate any sweat away from your face to keep your sleep environment cool and fresh. And to top it all off, Sonovia’s Spark pillowcases also come with an easy-care treatment that saves you ironing time. 

Are the Sonovia sateen pillowcases right for me?

If you are a hot sleeper or just prefer a cool, crisp feel when you head hits the pillow at night, if you want high-quality, low-maintenance pillowcases that keep you safe from bacteria and acne while you sleep, Sonovia’s Spark pillowcases are going to become your must-have pillowcases. Sonovia’s pillowcases offer you all the benefits of sateen with that lustrous, shiny, smooth appearance, combined with active protection from zinc that gives you acne-fighting power and an odor-free sleep environment. Spark pillowcases wick away moisture, keeping you sleeping fresh, and free up time normally wasted on laundry and ironing. The pillowcases are designed to be durable and support your head for many years to come, and, most importantly, they watch over you (or under you) as you sleep so you can get the rest you so deserve.


With so many pillowcases to choose from, it’s hard to know what to pick. But with Sonovia’s Spark pillowcases that harness the properties of zinc to eliminate bacteria and bad odors with acne-fighting power to boot, while offering you all the benefits that high-quality sateen has to offer, choosing a pillowcase becomes a breeze. Sleep easy with Sonovia.